Cerebral Palsy

The term cerebral palsy is a broad term for multiple conditions that share in common that there is a non-progressive disorder of power, movement or posture due to damange of the immature brain.



  • A non progressive disorder of power, movment or posture due to damage of the immature brain
  • Patients may have a wide range of cognitive ability: ranging from completely normal cognition to severe cognitive disability. It is non-progressive.

Investigations to consider:

EEG if history of seizures
Other tests to determine aetiology or assess comorbidities:

  • MRI
  • Tests for inborn errors of metabolism
  • Infectious agents tests


Physical therapy
Consider antispasticity treatment:

  • Diazepam, baclofen or dantrolene orally
  • Consider botulinum toxin
  • Consider selective posterior rhizotomy

Consider surgical release of contractures
Treat comorbidities