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This website is for:

  1. Physicians (in training or in practice): for a quick neurology refresher and to look up diagnostic tests and diseases.
  2. Medical Students: for your initial introduction to neurology and to help study for rotations.
  3. Neurologists: for quick reference on call or in the office.

The organization of the website:

Approach to neurological problems: Start here!

Diseases by localization

Diagnostic tests

Other resources

Approach to weakness “focal motor deficits”
Central nervous system (CNS) Lesions:
Approach to CT head Neuropharmacology notes
Approach to sensory deficits Brain disorders (including extraaxial lesions):
Common disorders : ischemic strokeintracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhageEpilepsy , Encephalitis Multiple SclerosisAlzheimer’s diseaseParkinson’s diseaseBrain tumorEssential tremorDiffuse Lewy Body Disease (DLBD)Huntington diseaseCerebral aneurysm (saccular and fusiform), subarachnoid hemorrhageCerebral palsyTraumatic Brain Injury.
Approach to MRI brain Neuropathology notes
Approach to cognitive impairment  Behavioral syndromes (neuro-behavioral syndromes) Approach to MRI spine Scores and Scales in Neurology
Approach to acute confusion “altered mental status” Leukoencephalopathy (white matter disease)
Neurophysiological tests:
Clinical trials in Neurology
Approach to dizziness Brain stem diseases Books and tools!
Approach to headache  Spinal cord lesions (myelopathy) Websites: neurology mini-portal.
Approach to diplopia
Nerve and Muscle (Neuromuscular disease patterns)
Approach to movement disorders and ataxia
Peripheral nervous system (PNS) disease (nerve diseases):
Transient and paroxysmal events:
Cranial neuropathies (Optic neuropathy CN II, Oculomotor neuropathy CN III, Trochlear nerve palsy CN IV, Abducens neuropathy CN VI, Trigeminal neuralgia CN V, Facial palsy VII, Glossopharyngeal neuralgia CN IX, Cavernous sinus syndrome, superior orbital fissure syndrome, Skull base syndromes)  
Approach to transient (or paroxysmal) loss of consciousness  Motor neuron disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Primary lateral sclerosis, Spinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy (Kennedy disease), Spinal Muscular artrophy SMA and others)  
Approach to transient (or paroxysmal) focal events Radiculopathy  
 Plexopathy (brachial or lumbosacral)    
 Mononeuropathy multiplex    
 Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy    
 Small fibre neuropathy    
 Autonomic neuropathy    
NMJ (Neuromuscular junction disorders)
Muscle disease (Myopathies)
 Neurological diseases: database of >450 neurological diseases    

More about us:
This website is the author’s humble attempt to assist people in learning and teaching Neurology. Please see the about page, disclaimers and disclosures for more details.

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