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Here we include website updates about developments on this website, and some recommendations of tools for website development in general.

Website development recommendations:

I am not an expert web-developer. But here are recommendations for website development etc: [disclaimer: I am an affiliate of some of these resources and may get  a commission for referrals if you sign up after clicking through our link; at no extra cost to you. I use all the resources I recommend on this website or others.]

  • Domain registrar: is an excellent registrar that I have used and recommend. They are professional, honest and in-expensive. They are much better than other registrars I have used. I highly recommend them!
  • Web hosting service: is a great web hosting service. In fact, is now hosted here.
  • Content management system: WordPress is easy to use and fairly versatile (GPLv2 license, so it is free to use). is currently managed using WordPress.
  • Other website/internet/software we use/like:
    • The GNU operating system and principles of free/Libre software.
    • The Free Software Foundation.
    • Nextcloud: personal cloud, calendar, contacts and file syncing. Protect your own data.
    • Horde: email, calendar, contacts and tasks solution.

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Website updates log:

October 14, 2018:
  • Updated many things on the back-end to categorize diseases as posts to allow better user experience.
December 17, 2017:
  • Updated start page for easy navigation and clear organization.
  • Removed piwik for page use tracking.
November 19, 2017:
October 1, 2017:
  • Restarted google adsense account to generate revenue to keep the site going. Website still remains unlinked to googleanalytics.
  • Updated Neuroscience notes links and pages. Removed some obsolete notes.
  • Correction to MR C spine label.
 December 10, 2016:
  • Changed from googleanalytics to Piwik to support more privacy, and to support use of free/libre software.
November 12, 2016:
  • Updated approach to MRI spine with cervical spine and thoracic spine images.
August 29, 2016:
  • Added normal muscle pathology slides to neuropathology notes.
August 24, 2016:
  • Added leukodystrophies and other metabolic conditions.
August 23, 2016:
August 15, 2016:
August 15, 2016:
  • Updated localization section for neuromuscular disease patterns, autonomic neuropathy, myopathies, and neuromuscular junction disorders.
  • Updated approach to brain MRI.
August 4, 2016:
  • Finally some time to work on the website again….
  • Added polyneuropathy, small fibre neuropathy pages.
  • Updated menu navigation.
May 12, 2016:
  • Added basic normal MRI images (unlabeled and labeled) to MRI brain approach section.
  • Added privacy policy.
April 12, 2016:
  • Added links to many individual disease from “approaches to” “neurological presentations” section.
April 6, 2016:
April 3, 2016:
  • Milstone reached: >300 disease and neurological conditions on website
  • Added >50 pages. Updated myelopathies, dementias and many central nervous system disorders
March 31, 2016:
March 18, 2016:
  • Added the individual disorders for neuroncology and related conditions
March 10, 2016:
February 21, 2016:
  • Added many pages of diseases including aneurysms, CADASIL, moyamoya syndrome, anoxic brain injury and others
  • Milestone reached: 100 pages on website
February 20, 2016:
  • The main sections and initial enteries for the “Presentations/approach to neurological problems” is complete
  • Added Approach to diplopia, added Approach to visual defects
  • Added Neurophysiology diagnostic tests: EEG, NCS/EMG, evoked potentials, autonomic function testing, polysomnography,
January 19, 2016:
  • Added Approach to transient (paroxysmal) focal deficits, and added Approach to Movement disorders
January 18, 2016:
  • Added Approach to acute confusion “altered mental status”, and added Approach to Sensory Deficits
  • Added Diagnostic tests section, and Treatment section
January 12, 2016:
  • First correction from a reader! A typo was caught on one of the “approaches” pages
January 8, 2016:
  • Added Approach to Coma article
January 6, 2016:
  • Website back up and running. Transferred to a new web-host
December 29, 2015:
  • Completed section on 10 common diseases to learn first
December 28, 2015:
  • Added more diseases
December 25, 2015:
  • Added Neurological Disease section
  • Added some articles to Neurological Presentations
December 18, 2015:
  • Added Neurological Presentations section
December 17, 2015:
  • Website first launched
  • Added notes from off-line study material to the website
December 8, 2015:
  • Off-line work began to create the website, including basic layout
Before December, 2015:
  • My notes and study aids were off line in word documents, power point presentations and text files. Late 2015 I decided to start this website to house and share my notes. I had a trial with another website before launching this one.