Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma PXA

WHO grade II


Suggested by MRI and confirmed by pathology (brain biopsy/resection)

Findings on Investigations:

Supratentorial. Superficial, may involve meninges i.e. meningocerebral mass. Associated with a cyst.
T1: hyperintense mural nodule. Hypointense cyst



  • Pleomorphic cells, lipidized cells i.e. Lipid-laden astrocytes, cellular atypia, spindle cells, multinucleated giant cells. Xanthomatous (foamy/clear) astrocytes.
  • Often, eosinphilic granular bodies (PAS positive), Lymphocytic infiltrates may occur.
  • Silver impregnations: cells surrounded by reticulin network
  • Immunohistochemistry: GFAP positive, S100 positive


Surgical resection

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