Gliomatosis Cerebri

This is different than leptomeningeal gliomatosis:


Suggested by MRI and confirmed by pathology (brain biopsy/resection)


Gross: enlarged brain, diffusely. Involving white matter more than grey matter, may involve any part of the neuroaxis, diffuse tumor without a single large mass
Histology: infiltration of grey & white matter by undifferentiated cells. Elongated cells, forming parallel rows when infiltrating tracts. No microvascular proliferation.
Immunohistochemsitry: GFAP positive variably.

Findings on Investigations:


  • Homogenous, hypodense, loss of grey white junction, swollen hemispheres. Low sensitivity.


  • Involvement of the grey matter and some of the white matter, swollen hemispheres with sulcal effacement
  • T1: hypointense or isointense.
  • T2: hyperintense. Better than T1.
  • Minimal enhancement.
  • Overall low sensitivity.


Radiation therapy

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